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Ovidiu Selaru Awarded Street Photographer-Through creativity, we differentiate ourselves from others

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''Follow your heart, follow your instinct, and you will never fail to voyage your unique journey from a simple passion to the complex form of communication''.

@Ovidiu Selaru

Ovidiu Selaru born in 1982, is a photographer born and raised in an artsy family in the northern part of Romania. He discovered his love and passion for landscaping and for creating things with his own hands. He was always been nurtured and encouraged by his parents. His first role model was his father where he used to watch him paint and create his amazing drawings on canvas.

“I pay homage to his talent and artistic spirit through my work today.” Ovidiu Selaru

In 2011, he started releasing his creative flows in photography, he began collecting emotions through the lens of his camera. Educated in machinery, with a sense for exact sciences in life, he captures specific emotions when the right angle of color and light is applied. The black-and-white photography segment is the one niche that best identifies him with a bit of an ‘eternal snapshot’ twist. All his portraits capture a unique artistic trait, they all, defined most clearly and more simply his creative patterns.

His camera is always his best companion on the streets of London. He has been living and working there since 2009. He never misses an opportunity to capture emotions engraved with a sunset or a rainy day. People say that one photo means more than 1,000 words, he strongly believes that beauty in photography cannot be limited by words. He plays with angles and the architectural geometry of space around him. He is always eager to learn new techniques in order to develop his skills.

Ovidiu Selaru has been awarded first place in the international photography contest by British Photography Awards 2021 and his photographs frequently appear and are commented in Monopix, EyePhoto-Magazine, and Photoshop Magazine.

We had the chance to make an intrview with him and learn more about his work.

@Ovidiu Selaru

How would you describe your photography style to someone who’s not familiar with it?

I don’t think I have a style yet, I like minimalist street photography, I like good compositions and Fine Art Street photography.

How important is the equipment that the photographer uses in order to create a good photograph?

In street photography, the lighting equipment really does not matter. What really matters is how the photographer sees and discovers the concepts, the compositions, and the atmosphere he wants to pass on to the viewers.

What characterizes a good photograph in your opinion?

A good photograph must have the quality factor in it. To have a composition, to pass on something, and to be simple.

@Ovidiu Selaru

How do you avoid shooting cliché Street photographs?

I am patiently and selectively passionate about my work. I never take pictures randomly. I calculate each photograph before I capture it.

What does creativity mean to you?

For me, creativity is the key element of a photographer. Through creativity, we differentiate ourselves from other photographers.

@Ovidiu Selaru

People’s opinions about editing are divided. Some claim that the value of a photograph is equally divided in capturing the moment and in editing it. While others, spend seconds on capturing the shot and hours on editing. What is your opinion?

Personally, I avoid editing my photographs. Before I go out to capture photographs I take time to adjust properly my camera so the final result is satisfying and only when it is necessary I will edit.

In a previous interview you have mentioned Fan Ho as one of your favorite artists. Fan Ho said: “…I try not to waste the audience’s time…”. What is your opinion?

Fan Ho is a genius in my personal opinion. I can say that I totally agree with him.

How important is the feeling in your work? Does it work as a guide?

I think the photographer has to capture photographs that trigger his own feelings. A photograph has to reveal emotions in every viewer.

@Ovidiu Selaru

Which other important artists/photographers would you list as influencers or inspiring?

Rui Palha a street and humanist photographer and as well as John Free a social documentary/street photographer.

Tell us about your teaching experience and your workshops in minimalist street photography.

For those who want to take advantage of this kind of photography, my advice is that they must have a lot of patience, be creative, learn how to see and use light, how to identify unique scenes. As for Workshops, I stopped doing things in London, but in the future I am planning to start a series of workshops in different countries in Europe.

What would you advise someone who wants to start capturing street scenes?

To be mentally prepared for this kind of photography, to behave in the streets, to respect people and to have a lot of patience.

All photos belongs to Ovidiu Selaru


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