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Image by David von Diemar


Moments Collective's Actions

One of the defining characteristics of Moments Collective is its dedication to collaboration and mutual learning. The collective regularly holds meetings, either virtually or in person, where photographers from various backgrounds and cultures convene to exchange ideas, critique one another's work, and learn from each other. These meetings act as creative hubs where photographers can discuss their projects, techniques, and inspirations, thereby enriching their craft.

In these meetings, photographers often find new perspectives on their work, unlock fresh ideas, and connect with fellow photographers who share their passion. It's in these gatherings that the true essence of the collective is experienced, as members join forces to encourage one another's growth and development as visual storytellers.

Moments Collective's actions extend beyond photography, often involving partnerships with like-minded organizations and individuals. These collaborations amplify the impact of the collective's work and underline the idea that photography can be a potent force for positive change.


Mcoms meeting at

"What the Water gave me"

Ifocus Gallery 2/7/23

"What the Water gave me" Photography Ehibition at Ifocus Gallery 

iFocus Photo Gallery, curated by Dora Lavazou, showcased a group photo exhibition entitled "What the Water Gave Me" in a distinctly summery mood on Sunday, July 2, 2023. The exhibition persistently sought beauty, particularly the beauty of the liquid element in a world that is strangely unpredictable and constantly changing. The opening of the photography exhibition "What the Water Gave Me" at iFocus Gallery, Athens, was well-attended.

It is in the cloud, it is in the well it is in the snow and the fruit of May it's in the eyes, it's in the rainbow it's on ice, in the steam of the pan. It is in the lake, it is in the land, it is in the mouth. Man is walking water and the waters proceed from the placenta and as far as the waters of the last sweat go... Water is an element and an element…

Mcoms workshop at


Nautical Club Palaion Faliron

Meeting Palaio Faliro Nautical Club & Pet Adoption Event

The Palaio Faliro Nautical Club hosted a delightful day of pet adoption and sailing recently. It was a day when the local community came together in support of a heartwarming cause and celebrated the joy of sailing.

Mayor Giannis Fostiropoulos was part of the event, showing his commitment to animal welfare and supporting youth participation in nautical sports. His presence and words added to the spirit of the day.

The event also included a special sailing program for kids. Young enthusiasts got a chance to participate and learn more about this exciting sport. The sparkle in their eyes and their eager participation added another level of charm to the day.

The Moments Collective provided excellent coverage of the event, capturing special moments of joy, empathy, love, and enthusiasm. Their work will keep reminding us of this remarkable day.

Palaio Faliro's residents opened their hearts and homes to our four-legged friends, providing them with loving families. Each adoption marked a new beginning for both pets and families.


Mcoms meeting at

“The Butterfly Effect”

Curated by Dr. Kostas Prapoglou, organized by artefact athens

“The Butterfly Effect”: Exploring contemporary art at a textile factory / by Artefact Athens

At the core of this artistic exploration is the power of thread – as both a basic material and a symbol of national identity. Its importance extends across different dimensions, shaping landscapes both physical and metaphysical. Thread connects us to tradition and fosters emotional bonds.

Inspired by the butterfly effect – where small changes can have significant consequences – this exhibition goes beyond mere artistic expression. It challenges us to consider the impact of our choices, urging reflection on how seemingly insignificant moments can change history.

"The Butterfly Effect" not only showcases artistic creations but also honors the individuals and families who have contributed to the textile legacy. Their role in shaping society through industry is a powerful reminder.

Curated by Dr. Kostas Prapoglou, this extraordinary exhibition features forty-one contemporary artists. Their works, carefully tailored to the site's environment and concept, encompass various mediums – from installations and videos to sculptures, soundscapes, and paintings.