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Giota's Efremidou Photography Solo Exhibition "ANTI LIPSEIS" at Kithira Greece-Moments Collective

"ANTI LIPSEIS" travel to Kithira!

Giota Efraimidou's photographic exhibition travels to Kithira's Karava public school. The Portokalia Festival 2023, opens its doors for the current season, and welcomes the most socially relevant photographic exhibition, by Giota Efraimidou, titled "Anti Lipseis". The exhibition takes place during the Portokalia Festival 2023, from the Cultural Association "Portokalia Karava" in collaboration with the Cultural Association "Pavlos Killah P Fyssas".

The exhibition will open on Saturday, August 19, 2023, at 7pm, and two of the guests of the show will be there during the opening night. Magda Fyssa and Iasonas Apostolopoulos, along with other members from the Cultural Association.

Giota Efremidou Exhibition-Moments Collective

The original idea for the exhibition was born on a September, among people with a soul, among people who hurt and move forward, who laugh and share. And among thoughts and ideas, actions followed…

And through these actions, a photographic exhibition was born, or better yet, a soul testimony. And then grief became art.

"I want to be your voice, I want you to be my support, I want us to move forward together, I want to feel what you feel… I want to capture – with you – what it is that you want to shout"

Giota Efremidou Exhibition-Moments Collective

@Giota Efremidou

In the exhibition, 30 photographic portraits of volunteers, are lined up, where each portrait is a reference-signal to a form of violence (racism, femicide, racial or gender violence, propaganda, state violence, refugee). The portraits have been created in such a way to make a clear and direct reference to a form of violence but also to give voice to the victims and be the voice of the victims.

Giota Efremidou Exhibition-Moments Collective

@Giota Efremidou

Each portrait is accompanied by a comprehensive and descriptive text, written by the volunteers themselves. Chrysa, Anna, Michalis, Nancy, Dimitris, Christos, Fotini, and the rest, all became a hug, and between the tears and the smiles, the hugs became photoshoots and the shots became voices… Each portrait is an echo of a crime, of injustice, and of a struggle that we don't always come out as winners, but we fight constantly not to lose.

The sequence of the portraits acts as signals, urging us to face the monster of violence and raise our voices in this inequal but just struggle.

For those who fell victim to fascism.For those who continue to fight it.For the light that will finally win.”

Giota Efremidou Exhibition-Moments Collective

@Giota Efremidou

@Giota Efremidou

Schedule of the Opening Night: 19/08

20.00 Welcoming Giota Efraimidiou

Welcoming Cultural Association Portokalia Kithiron Greece

20.15 Magda Fyssa speech

20.45 Iasonas Apostolopoulos speech

21.15 Short Film "Red Hulk" duration 27"

The exhibition will stay in the Festival until September 3rd

Time: everyday 7pm - 10pm

Free entrance

Giota Efemidou deals with the world of photography for about 20 years. Its headquarters are in Athens, but the photographic projects often travel outside Attica and sometimes outside Greece. She has participated in several workshops and as a speaker and collaborates with well-known magazines. In addition to professional photographic projects, several times through the lens he raises social concerns and participates in various social actions. Art through the lens is an integral part of her life and a way to communicate and share.

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Giota Efremidou Exhibition-Moments Collective

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