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Stavros Makridis

Art Photographer

Katerini, Greece

Stavros Makridis was born in Thessaloniki in 1983. After finishing his studies in Sound Engineering, he started

writing songs and as a result composed and recorded more than 400 songs and instrumentals. He has

participated in the 9th International Video Poetry Festival with his short film "Circle". He has been involved in theatre, television, painting and radio as well. He has worked as a music teacher in a creative Employment

Center for people with Special Needs. As an author/poet he has published 10 books of poetry and short stories.

Ηe has been taking part in contests, festivals and exhibitions with his art, receiving acclaim and awards, such as

the 1st award in the surrealistic photography competition of the Hellenic Photographic Society (2022), the 1st

award in photography competition of the Cyclops company (2023) and the 2nd award in ''U Write'' poetry

competition (2023). He is a multi-instrumentalist. Now he is studying Byzantine music and practicing playing

Pontiac lyre.

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