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Xrysa Sougioul Photographer from Greece talks about her work with Tassos Spetsieris

Interviews with worldwide photographers

@Chrysa Sougioul

Ms Sougioul, do you think photography is art?

When does a photograph become art and who can be considered an artist after all?

Photography is a complete art. A good photo aesthetically and technically can be considered art in the field of photography. But if we want to talk in visual terms and try to define what art is in general in all its forms, art is the deposit of the artist's soul, his inner view, his world, what he thinks, what he feels, true art is when the work of a an artist can touch our soul and mind, if an artist has managed to communicate this to other people and the public, if the artist is sincere, then yes he has made true art!

Let's say that on a visit to a photography exhibition, you spotted a really great work,

no matter how much you realize that the artist is rude and capricious, you would continue to

admire his work?

In the past I was only interested in work of the artist. in recent years have also been interested in Andre Breton said, man is the answer whatever the question!!

@Chrysa Sougioul

Tell us about your work. What does it mean to you?

Photography is the means to share and communicate my worlds the ones I

make from a small child in my mind, to share my feelings with the people around me. The photo is communication for me.

How important is "emotion" in your work? Does it work as a guide for you?

Emotions are a guide along with imagination, magic, my thoughts and needs, these become images first in my mind and then materialize and become a photograph.

What are your photography plans in the near future?

For now I want to gather as much knowledge as I can, I believe that through knowledge we evolve, at the same time I am working on a big project with the title (Urban Histories) which is in progress, later maybe I will share this knowledge through teaching other people

@Chrysa Sougioul

Do you think that the art of photography in this century is still capable of providing an emotional impact to viewers? Or, as technology evolves, is it coming to an end?

Just like at the end of the 20th century like this and at the beginning of the 20th century I believe that photography and the image still play an important role to inspire and create emotions alongside the other arts, only that it should stop working in boxes and become more open and dare to come to dialogue with the other arts.

What other major artists/photographers would you cite as your influences or inspirations?

My influences are many and from various art forms. Inspiration can come every time from anywhere, my thoughts or imagination... I think of an image and then I look for the place and the right people, direct the image and take the shot. a source of inspiration for me was Edward Hopper, then I was influenced by photographers such as Philip-Lorca diCorcia Kokkinias and many others who deal with directorial photography and it is something that I also do,especially in my project Urban Stories....

@Chrysa Sougioul

@Chrysa Sougioul

All photos belongs to @Chrysa Sougioul


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