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Meropi stavrinou

Meropi's Stavrinou Solo Photography Exhibition Captivity at Chalandri's Public Youth Center Greece.

Meropi Stavrinou_Captivity

Photographer Meropi Stavrinou, inspired by the current events in the country of our wider neighborhood, Iran, she created her first photography exhibition. The eyes, smiles, and strength of these women were the driving force. The Captivity project aims to highlight the oppression and violence that women receive worldwide, by a system that is in fear of and fights their beauty, inspiration work, and creativity.

Meropi Stavrinou_Captivity

Photo @Meropi Stavrinou Official Member

Through her photographic prism, she wants to communicate to the whole world that our hair can become scarves and hair ties, but also a great power in our hands. It is an invitation to unite all together and to continue the fight for a justice and equal society.

Meropi Stavrinou_Captivity

Photo @Meropi Stavrinou Official Member

Opening: Saturday 6 May 2023, at 20:00

Exhibition duration: 06 – 20.05.2023

Exhibition hours:12:00 – 21:00

Location: Chalandri's Public Youth Center Greece, Antigonis and Danaidon.

Entrance: Free

More Information:

Instagram: stavrinou_meropi Facebook: Meropi Stavrinou

Meropi Stavrinou

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