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eva berler

Solo Photography Exhibition at Greece.

iFocus Photo Gallery presents on Saturday, May 6, 2023, Eva Berler's solo photography exhibition entitled ''Little Miracles''.

Part of the photographs from the exhibition are included in her photo book with the same title published in

December 2022 by iFocus Editions.

In the introductory note of the publication, the photographer, Eva Berler, states:

LITTLE MIRACLES are all those small elements of nature that grow all around us, that we usually fail to notice inour daily life, especially those of us who live in cities. It’s everything in our environment, that we take forgranted around us. To notice them, we need to slow down our pace and pay attention. They grow alongside using quiet, beautiful, delicate life cycles, adding a colorful rhythm to our lives. All that is needed is to look at them more closely, with intent, to be able to feel the value they bring to our existence.

Photo @Eva Berler Official Member

LITTLE MIRACLES are also all those sentiments that emerge within me during my photographic encounters with the small miracles of nature. When I watch them through the camera lens, I follow their rhythm and enter another dimension, where anything is possible. Tiny and insignificant things become the protagonists. In turn,the «important» things in life start to fade and in a magical moment, I am flooded with inspiration, optimismand inner peace, which give me the energy to continue my path.

Photo @Eva Berler Official Member

The curator of both the exhibition and photo book, Dora Lavazou, notes:

Eva Berler’s “Little Miracles” is an ode to beauty, the beauty we find in Nature, the extraordinary beauty of flowers and the magical aspect of the world we live in.

Eva’s gaze wanders through the microcosm of flowers, cutting out everything annoying and ugly, the visual and non-visual noise of the trivial and miserable everyday life that we all live. A modern flaneuse with a romantic mood, Eva through her photographic lens, sometimes captures the detail and sometimes the whole.

Photo @Eva Berler Official Member

She focuses on what we usually pass by without giving it the proper attention, ignoring not only the small and insignificant things of life, but also ignoring and not allowing ourselves to experience the joy and surprise of the little wonders that so subtly and quietly surround us.

The photographic project “Little Miracles” by Eva Berler moves in a world where established notions of everyday life are overturned, and we are invited to become fellow travellers in this charming and full of surprises photographic journey that Eva generously offers us. Alice in Wonderland!


Opening: Saturday 6 May 2023, at 19.30

Exhibition duration: May 6 to 15

Exhibition hours: Weekdays 12.00 - 18.00 & Weekends: 17.30 - 20.30

Location: iFocus Photo Gallery, Stoa Opera, 57 Akadimias and 13 Ippokratous, Athens 10679

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Official Member Portfolio:

Moments Collective @2023 Director Saeed Al Sharbati


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