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Georgie Gibbs

Documentary Photographer

United Kingdom

Georgie Gibbs is a British documentary photographer from Brighton, UK. She is known for her soft colours, hard architecture, form and composition.

Shooting predominantly on 35mm film, her work mainly consists of finding the beauty in the mundane from the places around her, mindfully taking images of the ordinary, keeping her present and in the moment. Having lived on the south coast, the sea has often featured in Georgie’s work. With the right interplay of colour, there’s always something to discover and try to capture.

What binds the majority of her work together, other than colour and shape, is both documenting and maximising a place she visits, to figure out if there’s a story there and what the story is.

Her work has been featured in:

The Guardian,

The Photographer’s Gallery,

BBC News,

Bristol Photo Festival Etc. Instagram: @georgie__gibbs



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