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Mcoms at Artistic Nude Photography Expo,by the Hellenic Photographic Society,at the European Centre

@nansy Andritsopoulou-Anti kolia-penny Oikonomakis-spyros Kotsambassis-moments colllective

Official Members @Nancy Andritsopoulou,Antonis Alexakis,Anthi Kollia,Spyros Kotzambassis,Penny Economakis

Artistic Nude Photography expo by the ''Hellenic Photographic Society'' at the European Centre.

With the completion of 10 years of Nude Photography workshops (2013-2023), Hellenic Photographic Society organises a great Photography excibition.

66 artists who took place in these workshops over that period of time, participates with 181 photographs that covers all nude photography concepts.

@Hellenic Photographic Society

Their work depicts a wide variety of art forms and tendencies of Nude Photography.

The expo is taking place at the European Centre gallery in Mitropoleos str. in Athens, and it falls under the events of the 16th International art photography festival which this year is dedicated to Nude Photography.

@Nancy Andritsopoulou

Grand opening is on June 9th at 19:00. The exposition will last for a whole month, until July 9th. You can visit it Wednesday to Sunday, 12:00-19:00.

Many of our official members are taking part with their work. Alexakis Antonis, Andritsopoulou Nancy, Kollia Anthi, Kotzambassis Spyros and Economakis Penny are some of them.

@Anthi Kollia

@Antonis Alexakis-Moments collective

@Antonis Alexakis

Grand Opening: June 9th at 19:00

Exhibition duration: 9 June-9 July 2024

Location: European Centre Gallery,Mitropoleos str. Athens Greece

Entrance: Free

Visiting Hours: Wednesday-Sunday, 12:00-19:00.

More Information at:

Moments Collective Art Press Team @2023

Moments Collective


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