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Matenia Sakari and Meni Seiridou at Philological Association of Greece Volume "Window to Art"

The Philological Association of Greece and Grafima publications have collaborated to publish the aforementioned art review volume on an annual basis. This volume encompasses thought-provoking discourse essays that delve into theoretical explorations, with a specific focus on theatre, film, and the visual arts.

The publication has incorporated directors, screenwriters, actors, painters, photographers, critics, and academics, which serves as a testament to the imperative that the project seeks to address. Indeed, this was the fundamental essence of our vision: to create a platform that fosters the integration of various art forms into the public discourse. We aimed to craft a medium where a meaningful dialogue can flourish, permeating the pages and nurturing fruitful exchanges of ideas.

Among the participants, Matenia Sakari and Meni Seiridou, members of the Moments Collective, delve into the dreamlike realm of photographic imagery through their own unique perspective, employing both text and photos.

Matenia Sakari Moments Collective

Moments Collective Official Member @ Matenia Sakari

Moments Collective Official Member @ Meni Seiridou

In the volume of approximately 400 pages, 44 contemporary artists and creators deal with topics related to photography, cinema, theater, visual creations, and other arts.

Publication Editor: Antonis Charistos

Publisher: Grafima

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Moments Collective Art Press Team @2023

Moments Collective

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